Research & Development

Since 2004, we have been an industry leader in bespoke tactical nylon products.

We continue to conduct research into emerging technologies within the nylon realm and coupled with the ongoing testing of raw materials and manufacturing processes we can remain ahead of the field in innovation.

Our experience in international and domestic theatres provides us with the ability to solve your load carriage requirements, from specialised pouches, packs, bags, cases to vests and uniforms.

In our discrete Melbourne facility, we can liaise with low profile units while maintaining your operational and personal security requirements. If required we can also operate at a reduced capacity to ensure your members can maintain absolute anonymity.

In-house manufacturing staff provide us with the ability to make on-site modifications to bespoke equipment, which ensures your needs are met on time and within budget.

Contact us at 03 9620 4555 or to make an appointment.

Previous clients include: