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Hydration Helmet Carrier Description

The updated and reconfigured Hydration Helmet Carrier (HHC) has been loosely based off the popular and time proven SORD Hydration Extra Large pouch.

With vetted user feedback and adaptation towards evolution, the HHC has an adjustable mesh beavertail load carriage bucket area with six adjustable tensioning straps to manage the load. The adjustable expansion bucket easily accommodates items such as: Helmets, Optics, 84mm Rounds, Water Bottles, Comms Batteries, Ghillie Hoods etc.

The internal pocket within the HHC has been redesigned to allow the carrier to properly re-role itself as a radio pack for devices up to the size of an AN/PRC 117G.

The HHC is the perfect go-between carrier whether it’s being utilised as either a MOLLE platform mounted expandable light weight assault pack, small day pack utilising the supplied shoulder strap kit or as a grab bag sitting in the top of a pack or behind a car seat.

The foam padded, Air-Mesh lined shoulder straps have quick detach Fastex buckles allowing the user to jettison the pack in an emergency. These shoulder straps can be easily removed to allow a more streamlined mounting option on the back of a carrier.

For platform mounting purposes the HHC is 6 MOLLE columns wide.

- 6 adjustable captive sinch straps, four with Fastex buckles for quick access.
- Shoulder strap kit is INCLUDED.
- 6 MOLLE columns wide. 
- 3 MOLLE columns deep. 
- Light weight 500D Cordura construction. 
- Single drainage grommet in bottom. 
- Internal hydration bladder / ANPRC 117G separation sleeve. 
- Internal small admin pouch with Velcro closure. 
- Main compartment twin zipper pull, large tooth YKK zip.
- Twin “fun flap” hydration tube / comms port with Velcro lid covers. 
- Plastic "D" loops for attachment of shoulder strap kit or lashing to gear. 
- Velcro flag / IFF panel on front of beavertail 50mm.
- MOLLE panel behind beavertail.
- Carry handle. 
- Fixed Velcro webbing tabs to manage adjustment straps. 
- Quick detach shoulder straps. 
- Minimalistic approach for a streamline design. 

Brand SORD
Shipping Weight 0.9200kg

Far better than a bullock echo

27 July 2018

I have used the hydration helmet carrier for several years now, and from SES cyclone recovery, to SAR tracking, to vertical rescue, this pack is outstanding. Wet gear can be easily stowed and drain though the mesh helmet carrier, man pack radios fit well, and with the edition of external pouches it becomes a very practical and roomy pack. The wide almost suitcase opening of the main pack allows for access to specific gear and makes logical packing a breeze. Only one area where it could be improved, and that is the pack could have MOLLE on removable padding that goes against the back when being used standalone. Again SORD, a great piece of kit.


SORD Hydration Helmet Carrier

By: on 4 March 2017

I recall back when dinosaurs roamed the earth on penny-farthings, that there was only two ways for a grunt to carry a helmet. Option 1 – On your head. Option 2 – Contort some elastic bungee straps around the helmet to magically secure it on your pack. Option 2 usually led to a few lost helmets, or a worrisome combination of facial injuries and laughter from team mates when trying to secure the helmet with those vicious straps. In that regard, the Helmet-carrying component of this carriage system helps reduce the incidents of lost helmets, facial injuries, and embarrassment. Win / Win / Win! The Hydration component of this system is a straight-forward system that allows you to carry a water bladder, so I’m not going to spend any time describing a function that we are all familiar with. (It can comfortably carry a 3-liter bladder). The actual system, (“bag” if you will), is best described as a day-pack with an external helmet pouch. However, unlike issued day packs, this system can either be secured to plate carriers and packs via MOLLE attachments, or carried alone like the standard day pack with shoulder straps. For vehicle ops, the system is compact enough to be situated close by as a grab bag. Once you get your grubby little mitts on this system, it has a surprising number of features for its size, all of which are well thought-out and don’t impact on each other. I won’t waste space here outlining every little feature, as you can read about them at the product description. Apart from the extra features, it is friggen well-made, (admittedly like all of SORD’s kit). The stitching is sturdy, the material is thick, and there’s still room left over to add a couple of MOLLE pouches on the exterior. All in all, for a short mission, vehicle ops, water ops, helo ops, or short-duration foot patrol, this bag is a good bit of kit, that can be used as a radio pack, medical pack, mortar pack, commander’s pack, and more. As an aside, this pack is also perfectly suited for the Policing environment, especially as a grab bag in the back of a Police vehicle in the suburbs, or for long-range vehicle patrols. It’d be suitable not just for the Tactical Police Officers, but all operational Police in general. The only negative to this pack that I could find, is that due to its size, (small), it feels like it’s riding high on your back when wearing it as a day pack. But that is not something that impacts on its use, with that negative aspect falling more into the “toughen-up” column for the end-user. All in all, the SORD Hydration Helmet Carrier is worth every cent, and I believe it should become standard issue for all our Military personnel.


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