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Chest Rig Front Description

The Chest Rig Front is designed as a low profile, high riding assault platform that wraps around under the arms. Adjustable shoulder and back straps, the Chest Rig Front can be worn over armour covers, over jackets, wet suits or a t-shirt.

Accommodation has been provided for a trauma plate behind the bib for added protection if utilized.

A Velcro sandwich features on the front allowing the attachment of a Drop Gas Bag, On The Man pouch or any other pouch featuring the Velcro Sandwich attachment method.

Replace the shoulder straps for the Chest Rig Back and you have a fully modular front and back assault vest.

One size fits all.


Brand SORD
Shipping Weight 0.4900kg


Almost 5 stars but...

By: on 6 January 2019
I will start with the good: quality material put together very well. The rig is basically bulletproof in its construction with its super tough sewing. Lots of room to accomodate all pouches. Platform is very stable thanks to 2 buckles on each side. Now the reasons it only got 4 stars: - you cannot put this chest righ on by yourself unless you work for Cirque du Soleil. You will need someone to clip those buckles and adjust them properly. This is especially true if you use it as a plate carrier. Plate carrier capacity: although it works, it is not ideal. In order to wear your plates properly, you will need a buddy to help you put it on and tight it down. Too tight, you wont breath when running, too loose, plates will bounce around and not protect you as much. Plates: if you wear stand alone plates, they will be right against your bosy causing some discomfort. Wearing soft plate backing or soft armor vest will make it feel better. But wearing it with plates only feels like wearing a poorly adjusted JPC. Although it is a great rig in all aspect, do not buy it as a dedicated Plate Carrier. Buy it as a great chest rig/fighting rig and you will give it 5 stars. SORD makes some of the toughest gear I have ever used in my career and all their products is quality. Pick what you need and abuse it, it can take it !

Old school

By: on 1 February 2017
When I got to my bn out of IETs pretty much every seco had this rig. So naturally I bought one. Bloody good bit of kit. Since then I've had 2 other battle bras, both better than this, but this is the classic. Great starting point for new guys to work out how they wanna run their gear, and plenty of old boys still run em too. Probably could use some lighter fabric IOT stay competitive in today's market.

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