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Large Field Pack Description

The SORD field pack (3 day plus) has been developed and put together with over 30 years of military pack experience. The pack has been designed and manufactured at our factory facility in Melbourne, Australia. The 1606MC polymer frame has been imported direct from the USA.

Pack Layout:

The spacious main top compartment is contoured around the pack frame to maintain as close to normal centre of gravity as possible yet is large enough large enough for all your miscellaneous personal equipment ranging from communications, weapon CES, clothing etc. Separated by an internal zippered divider, the bottom compartment is large enough for sleeping equipment such as your sleeping bag in a bivvy or can be left open for longer items. Access to the lower half is via a single flap lid with external MOLLE for the attachment of additional equipment and the capability of running a hydration cover down either side of the pack. The main access lid and sleeping bay lid both have adjustable draw string closure with para-cord and barrel locks for additional retention and weather protection. An M18A1 Claymore antipersonnel weapon pouch is fixed on the top of the lid compartment for quick access. The Claymore pouch will comfortably accommodate one weapon with all test equipment, cable and firing device in its issue bag. Under the lid is also a wide mesh zippered pouch for personal admin items. Total size of the SORD Field Pack is approx. 80 litres internally.


The contoured shoulder straps transfer the weight effectively across the back and over the shoulders providing additional comfort over old ALICE style packs. The hardened foam padding minimises sagging, hot spots and bunching by dispersing the weight over a greater area. Open back ventilation area provides breathability to the system better for hot and or tropical climates. The field pack straps are adjustable for height and includes chest snap and two 'tri glides' for better stability for stretcher carries.

Removeable External Pouches:

The SORD Field pack comes complete with four MOLLE accessories pouches that can be attached to suit the operator’s needs.


The SORD large field pack utilises the latest 1606MC solid polymer frame rated to 200 lbs direct from the USA. The primary design advance is the re-curved load stabilizer bar that spans the wearer’s shoulders. This bar cradles the load at the optimum balance point for lateral load stability while effectively distributing pressure over the shoulders and down to the hips. Because the stabilizer bar is located at the torsion node point created by the shoulders and hips twisting the frame in opposite directions while the wearer walks, the bar does not pitch the load side to side; the cradling ends of the bar only roll on the latitudinal axis.

Frame Features:

  • Selected for the new USMC pack
  • Compact and light weight
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Supports loads over 200 lbs.
  • Recurved arms provide stable attachment points
  • Compatible with most ALICE type packs
  • Made from our proprietary fragmentation resistant polymer
  • Dimensions: 20″ x 15.5″

Standard issue MOLLE large shoulder and belt pad sets can be used with the #1606MC frame. The Lid Claymore pouch will hold one complete weapon in bag. The Sleeping bag compartment has drawstring throat closure. External lid-face is MOLLE covered and the main compartment opening has double drawstring choke closure.

Note: Custom orders in other patterns are possible but first call us to discuss availability and lead time.

Brand SORD

Solid as a rock

27 July 2018

The SORD large field pack is dead set excellent. Only a crossfire DG16 compares. Put the four long pouches on it, and buy two SORD admin pouches to put on the lid and you will never be short of room again. In this configuration the pack can be as full or empty as you like and it will sit down nice. Please do not get rid of the side stow sleeping compartment it is still the best option in my opinion. If the shoulder adjustment straps were reversed, this would be a perfect pack. I will use this pack until it falls apart, but considering how it is built, I may just be handing it down to my kids.


Excellent piece of kit!

By: on 12 May 2018

I bought this backpack so I could hike with my spearfishing and camping gear and spend a few days in the bush. When it's fully loaded and adjusted this backpack is very comfortable and has made my hikes a lot more enjoyable. I'm obviously not a technical expert but it seems that the weight of the backpack is distributed really well by the frame and doesn't upset my balance when I'm getting about on the rocks to get to a fishing spot. Definitely worth the money in my opinion.



By: on 16 August 2017

With the layout similar to the good old issued DPCU Alice pack, the large volume capacity of 80L similar to the MAC Alice pack and with the full body MOLLE/ PALS webbing similar to the Alice Z or SR Alice pack that allows the pack to be set up with pouches to best meet your role/ mission how you desire or for them or the pack to be replaced if damaged without having to throw out the whole lot.



By: on 1 February 2017

Like all sord gear this is durable and well made. I used one for 3 years in RAInf. Only problem is it opens to the side at the bottom like the old Alice packs. That's why I went with a custom pack. Aside from that this pack is a good bit of kit.


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